There Is No Going Back

Yesterday afternoon, I came across this list of top 10 trends. The first item on the list is GREEN. This list came at an interesting time. I work for a conference company and for the last several weeks, myself and two colleagues had been brainstorming the greening of our conferences. We unveiled our ideas and requested more at a team meeting yesterday. When I came back to my office, I found this list, confirming what we already knew: we need to go green or die. OK–so maybe we wouldn’t die this year or even in the next couple of years. But we would eventually die. And why not be ahead of the curve? I have this image of us running to catch up with our competitors, but we can’t because we’re all trying to drag Xerox boxes full of course books printed on non-recycled paper behind us.

Over the last few weeks, I did a lot of research and uncovered an interesting fact: it is kind of hard to learn about greening conferences and events. Not that there isn’t any information out there. It’s there, but you really have to look for it . There’s nobody (who I could find) who is out there doing all the work for you. I’m hoping to funnel all green ideas through this site. I don’t claim to be a green meeting expert, but I am working on green initiatives for our conference company and I fancy myself a pretty good researcher. It could just be a good match.

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