The Future of Digital is Nigh

Remember when I was talking about going digital with your conference materials?

Today, an article in the NYTimes reminded me of a another digital possibility on the horizon. Last year, the internet shopping Goliath,, introduced the world to the Kindle. As discussed in today’s article, the Kindle is part of Amazon’s plan to keep pace (and lead) in a world that it going digital.

The Kindle is a digital reading device. You can use it to download books, subscribe to newspapers and read your favorite blogs. At 10.3 ounces, it certainly beats a laptop and is billed as being smaller than many paperback books. It even allows you to make notes and annotations.

I haven’t used the Kindle yet (even if I wanted to cough up the $399, it is as hard to get as the Wii on December 24), but I can see great value in this type of technology for the meeting world. How great would it be for attendees to be able to download event materials to such a device (whether substantive articles or maps, recommended sightseeing, and profiles of fellow attendees)? The materials would be fully searchable and easily accessible during the event.

Perhaps the 2nd generation of these devices could even allow for real-time digital interaction and updates between the speaker presenting the materials and the attendees (and maybe even amongst attendees). We have a lot to look forward to.

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