A New Future for Pro Bono and CLE

It’s been months since I wrote, and it would be easy to think I’ve forgotten about continuing legal education completely, but that would be wrong. I even spoke on it at the end of October for a Denver Bar Association’s pro bono week Ignite event.

In five [very brief] minutes, I outlined a more structured program for lawyers seeking CLE credits for pro bono work (something Colorado does allow).

My basic idea was that existing organizations (like bar associations) could support structured curricula taught by experienced lawyers to small groups of less experienced lawyers working¬†pro bono cases. This way, experienced lawyers learn more than they would by just taking a pro bono case because they are teaching what they know (“learning by teaching”), and inexperienced lawyers learn more than they could on their own or in a traditional CLE classroom because they are learning from an experienced lawyer and then working cases with the support of that experience (“learning by doing”).

You can view my slides and the video below.¬†I’d like to say I was in a secret competition to see who could say “uh” or “um” the most, but no. Apparently, that’s just my “speaking style” when I’m feeling rushed by a 5-minute clock.

Imagine a New Future for Pro Bono and CLE: Alli Gerkman from Colorado Bar Association on Vimeo.

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