Meditation on Cancer

Let. It. Grow.

This is what the meditation guy said.

“Let it grow.”

I’m sitting here preparing for the second treatment week of the first treatment wave for the recurrence and I’m listening to a cancer meditation that someone recommended to me because I’m trying—I’m trying—to be the kind of person who welcomes the poison and the burn because I think that maybe—maybe—that means it will work better. And I will do anything to make it work better.

“Cancer is a teacher,” the meditation guy says. OK. Fine. I mean, it’s a little offensive to suggest that I’m a slow enough learner that I had to get cancer in my 30s to pick up on something apparently everyone else just knows, but OK. Fine.

“What can you learn from it?” Trust me. More than you could know.

“Embrace it.” You’re starting to push my boundaries, meditation guy.

“Let it grow.” Yeah, no.

I’m going to set that particular intention aside and call it a night.

Let. It. Go.

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